Funkalicious 1 :: Maui’s annual Funk Fest!!!

Funkalicious 2011

Funkalicious 2011

Beats Bazaar & Chef Alikat presents

Funkalicious :: a night of funky live music, djs, fashion & food!

FREERADICALS PROJEKT :: live funk soul hip-hop (Maui’s new favorite band!)
dj BOOGIEMEISTER :: funk mashups & neo-soul bass boogie!
vj Douglas Deboer

live musicians accompanying djs //
// live painting by Melissa Bruck

Funky bikini go-go dancers wearing designs by Sara Plesset ( & Ariana Hornkohl (

getRAW™ & funky with Chef Alikat of Cafe Om ::
the first 25 people to arrive early will get a chance to WIN a Bag of RAW CACAO CHOCOLATES, OM made & INfused with LOVE compliments of Chef Alikat of getRAW & Cafe OM.
*funky music & delicious food = funkalicious yo!

Bust out the afro wigs & bellbottoms retro funk, or future funk original styles yo!

Live auction at end of show for bikinis, the painting Melissa makes at the show & cds!

*show up early as this will sell out & good music begins at 9:30pm, 1st 25 people get raw chocolate treat by Chef Alikat!

10% of profit goes to Community Work Day Program

:: Beats Bazaar Productions ::
Oh and, I have to quote Del Sol on the Future Funk event  they are doing cause it fits this event as well :
“The neo-funk movement has gained much momentum over the last couple of years, aspiring many producers around the world to make electronic music with organic live elements. The result is great sounding, bumpin’ basslines with delicious layers of funky-ness!”
it is so FUNKALICIOUS!!!
Nu Skool midtempo to uptempo wompy wobbly breakbeats.
It will not be 70’s funk music, but lots of sweet new remixes & mashups of that great music!

FreeRadicals Projekt is a fusion of funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul. This new Hawaii based band creates grooves inspired by music such as Sly and the Family Stone, Marvin Gaye, Lee Perry, Jimi Hendrix, Groove Armada, and John Coltrane among others; add passionate vocals such as Ella Fitzgerald’s and strong, conscious lyrics and you have the Freeradicals Projekt; they create a new eclectic sound bringing a fresh vibe to today’s music world, and most definitely to Maui!

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