The Throwdowns :: Maui’s superband!!!


Kimo Clark (bass), Erin Smith (vox), Ola Shaw (guitar) & Ian Hollingsworth (drums) are Maui’s champions of pop-rock, garnering rave reviews for their charismatic live show and engaging pop songs. They are the epitome of young, modern Hawai’i.

The Throwdowns spent 2009 & 2010 sharing the stage with A List bands like The Fray, Train, Panic at the Disco, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Steel Pulse and Matisyahu. They were nominated for two prestigious Na Hoku Hano Hano Awards (Hawaiian Grammy’s) and appeared on countless magazine & newspaper covers. After a great promotional run,The Throwdowns headed into the studio in October of 2010 to finish writing and to record their first full-length album.

“Legs Of Our Own”, the official debut of The Throwdowns & 13 songs of island rock-pop, is set to be released on August 6th 2011.  Fans who found the band’s debut EP, “Don’t Slow Down”, to be “instantly spinnable” will be hooked on the new record after the first listen. “Legs of Our Own” is loaded with singles, yet is a fully-formed, playable album. Lead off single “Stay HI” features Maui’s reggae ambassador Marty Dread, and is burning up on Hawaiian radio. A luscious ode to hot Hawaiian nights, “Stay HI” makes for signature reggae by The Throwdowns; stylishly sassy (a la Katy Perry & Gwen Stefani) with Passion Pit style production, mixed with homegrown reggae beats.  Other key tracks on the record include fan favorite “On the Radio”. Dance-pop with a killer hook, this song is about all-consuming, always fleeting summer love. “Heart Attack”, the band’s full-throttle ode to defeating pressure, encompasses the energy of the band’s notoriously explosive live performances. Floating like a butterfly, stinging like bee, “Swallow Me Whole” is the album closer and the big, stunning power ballad.

“We are extremely excited about this record, and can’t wait to get it out to our fans,” said The Throwdowns. “This album really reflects our sound, and the direction the band is headed. Very modern, danceable, edgy with a distinct Hawaiian flair.”

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