Mystic Roots Band :: with Lia Live & The Kryptones

Riding the success of their brand new album, “Cali-HI”, which topped the iTunes Reggae Chart at #4 and Billboard Reggae Chart at #13 on the debut week, we bring you Mystic Roots Band. Serving up an original style based in reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall (with overtones of rock, funk, and ska), an MRB live concert guarantees not just at music for your ears, but also a high-energy show and powerful experience you’ll never forget. This Chico, CA based group brings a brand new sound while embracing the nature of roots reggae wholeheartedly and performing it with smooth vocals/harmonies, energetic freestyles and beat-boxing, all over a solid groove. The music and lyrics are catchy and upbeat, yet with an uplifting, positive message. The musicianship of the players is top notch and arrangements are often complex and always interesting.

Their new set is action packed, non-stop music, with each song flowing seamlessly to the next. The playlist is a mix of songs from their award-winning albums: Constant Struggle & Cali-HI as well as some brand new material off the unreleased Camp Fire album. Now fronted by Katherine Ramirez (American Idol Season 7), the new sound is a blend of soft, beautiful vocal lines reinforced by hard hitting Roots Rock Reggae grooves by the bass, drums, keys and guitar (Dane-Jah, A-Dub, cootdog & Nixon). Cootdog remains the hip-hop influence with socially conscious lyrics, deep beat boxing and harmony vocals. The band tours the U.S. full-time, playing shows with some of the biggest names in reggae, hip hop, and rock. MRB promotes positivity and spreads a conscious message while still having a good time and keeping the party going. Fans describe MRB’s music as a refreshing, energetic, and cutting-edge sound that people are immediately drawn to. As a result, MRB has developed an ever-growing legion of loyal fans. This fan base exists not only in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, but also in Europe, Latin America, Australia, and even several regions of Asia.

Over the years, Mystic Roots Band has made some stellar achievements. Here are just a few examples:

– 10,000+ copies sold of debut album ‘Constant Struggle” independently.

– 2nd studio album, “Cali-HI” named by iTunes as one of the “Best Reggae Albums of 2010”

-Winning the LA Music Award for Best Reggae/Pop Album, “Constant Struggle,” which includes the underground hit song, “Pass the Marijuana.”

– Being signed to Cornerstone R.A.S., which in the past has included bands like: Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Shapeshifters, Public Enemy.. and many more.

– Starring in their own one-hour episode of reality TV, which aired nationwide on The Learning Channel (T.L.C.).

– Touring all over North America for 2 ½ years as reggae legend Pato Banton’s official band, playing some of the best amphitheaters, clubs, and festivals around.

In sum, with over 1,500 shows played in some of the finest venues across the land, a rapidly growing fan base, and the success of the new album Cali-HI, the Mystic Roots Band is working and touring harder than ever and are on a mission to take their road-tested, fresh, new sound to audiences worldwide. 

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